Urgently Requests The Help Of Patriotic Australians

Let’s show em that the ANZAC Spirit is alive and well in this country, regardless of how hard the powers that be trying to smother it.Your help will allow us to honor the memory of 27 WWII Diggers who have all passed away
while waiting for the Australian Commonwealth Government to decide on opening formerly secret WWII-era underground sites.These men were working towards having these large-scale wartime bunkers re-opened, refurbished and utilized as living memorials to those who built and toiled in them under repressive wartime secrecy during those dark days of WWII. All 13 Diggers passed away without this historic goal being met.

Did you know that as part of the preparations for the defence of Australia against a Japanese invasion that never came, the allies built massive fortified command and store bunkers?

Which rival those built by the Germans in Europe?

The Australian Bunker and Military Museum is a non-profit project, aiming to uncover a forgotten chapter of history Australia’s Commonwealth Government and Department of Defence have chosen to sweep the efforts of all that served during this period under the carpet,so they don’t have to deal with the issue of war time underground facilities and the equipment and hazardous materials they contain!!!

Does this sound like the actions of a nation grateful to a dwindling number of WWII Diggers for their self-sacrifice and sterling service during the greatest crisis Australia has ever faced?

The Australian Commonwealth Government has done this all before. They wait until the ex-service personnel affected have passed away, so they can dodge the issues. Here are some

examples –
– The RAN Voyager Disaster
– Maralinga
– Agent orange
– The F-111 fuel tanks saga
– Special Air Service TPI cases
– Lack of recognition of the service of Korean War veterans

A clear pattern of institutionalized negligence is apparent. The Department of Defence cares little for officially recognizing the service of the Veterans who toiled in the underground facilities during and after the war, and cares even less about the clear threats that some of these sites pose to the public in the areas affected. Why must a research organisation such as the Australian Bunker and Military Museum Pty Ltd must fight for 33 years this March to keep the bastards honest? It should be unnecessary, but we do it purely because we have given our
word to veterans and their families. We intend to keep to our word, regardless of their “official sanctions”. Our research goes Australia wide. Last year the project used a company called Oz tours safaris to take the project deep into the Cape York for more research into new sites that have been found. The tour company was like five-star accommodations in Cape York. Their team having been in the cape for over 20 years were able to place our team members in contact with the local community we needed to interview.

After 12 years of traveling most of Australia doing our research, they would have to rate ten out of ten, for the best trip we have ever experienced. The knowledge of the staff about the history of areas of interesting saved our team a lot of work. I am being somewhat not of good health, can honestly say, the ride and care taken to ensure every need was tended to was nothing short of brilliant. The Australian Bunker and Military Museum Pty Ltd would recommend any one thinking of going to Cape York of even the tip of oz, to use oz tours safaris.

You may ask what this has got to do with me, your memoirs and possibly your service during any war can help to educate future generations on these forgotten aspects of Australia’s war time history. If you have any photos or information you feel may be helpful in our investigations, no matter how small, please contact the Australian Bunker and Military Museum.

Would you like to volunteer to research with us and field trips planned for this year?

So, we can continue to show you a new chapter of Australian Military History and honor our word to the veterans who have passed.We must have answers for families who were treated very bad during the war, just like Z Special Forces, took till 1995 when the lies stopped, and the DOD was forced to come clean. So far, we have lost close to 30 veterans who fought to the bitter end, only wanting the government to tell the truth.

Please donate one dollar to help us complete our word given IN the true spirit of



If everyone donated $1 in the last two weeks, we would have $1500 to inject into community-based projects.