Townsville Bunkers

Townsville has lost some of its rich military history forever.

Given it was the largest U.S. base outside the United States during WW2, there is very little left for anyone to see. Complete ignorance by Government officials and the grab for land development, has seen many items disappear forever.

Most recent of which hit the headlines is the case of the two missing Crimean cannons. Sadly, we see certain sectors of government performing at their best once again.

It’s the intent of the Australian Bunker and Military Museum to locate, identify and preserve what little is left. An immense resource is being lost and negated at a rate not seen anywhere else in Queensland at the present time.

These pictures above show a fifty-year myth. In the last ten years of research, ABMM has proven beyond any doubt that large underground bunker networks exist in Queensland. The wartime photos you see here are from a private collection of photos. Most are from WW2 Department of Defence sources and were meant to be destroyed or marked as ‘Most Secret’

MT Louisa & The facts


The above photo is taken in 1960


The above photos were taken in 1943

Castle Hill & The facts.

These Military photos don’t lie; see for yourself.  The right shot in the middle is Castle Hill 1943 and the left photo is a similar bunker elsewhere built in 1942


The above entry can be found on Castle Hill; look at the date. While it may have a water tank on top of it now, the besser blocks inside don’t match the age of the rest of the workings nor does the date match on the head board.


The plan to the above was found  in archives, claiming to be built in Castle Hill. Combine photos and our research, and the truth behind the myths continue to evolve. Maybe you remember seeing something unusual around Townsville?  Well this is your chance to play a part in history and help right a wrong.


So you know, yes names been removed to protect the individuals.

The Great Debate


Tony Mooney, (above) the Townsville mayor himself and the Federal Member Peter Lindsay, would both would attack me in the media but neither would dare to face the truth, let alone entertain the idea of actually seeing the truth before making false claims. This matter will be pursued at a later date. You can see the photos and the research before you on this web site and judge for yourself. It has been said in a court of law, we would have won hands downs. This leaves the underlying question, what was the hidden agenda? You can help by writing to both the mayor and the Federal Member to ask them why they would keep a project like this from the very people they claim to represent and serve. And why refuse to see the facts and why refuse many meeting requested. The mayor claims in the paper could not be met when they were questioned.


 Before you draw judgment on this project and me, I would like to suggest to the reader, to view the following links. After all it is only fair that all the facts be placed before us all.