The SEMI-Underground Operations Bunker

STATUS: Confirmed By Official Sources

This site is a hardened reinforced concrete structure used as an operations center for controlling artillery, naval gunfire and air intercepts in its area of responsibility. When it was operating,the site housed over 150 personnel and was manned 24 hours a day, controlling the air, naval and coastal movements for a large proportion of the eastern Australian coastline. This site is located on private land, having been disposed of by the Defense force in the early 1960s.

The diagram below will give an idea of the expected layout of this site

The site is of immense interest to the Australian Bunker & Military Museum¬† as former military sources have reported it is linked to a very large United States wartime bunker system via a section of reinforced concrete tunnel wide enough for several trucks to pass. The existence of this tunnel has been confirmed from post-war plans of the facility. The underground section of the operations facility itself may also have been used as a disposal storage area for military equipment as it ceased operation immediately after the Second World War. The equipment to be found in or near this site is reported to be mainly vehicles, including Jeeps, Weapon Carriers and 6×6 Trucks, but the reports state that the trucks were fully loaded with an unknown cargo.Interestingly, information from a former military source states that the tunnel in this site was packed with vehicles parked side by side so tightly that the original drivers had been forced to smash the left windscreen section to exit the vehicle over the roof of the cargo bed because there was not enough room either side to open the doors!!

The exact location of this site has been confirmed from wartime mapping as well as aerial photography. The landowners of this site have been located and contact has been initiated. The most likely entry point to this site has been determined from a prior field reconnaissance.

Below, you will see an excerpt from an official record which was used to confirm the location of this site. Please note that the bulk of the verification material confirming the existence and nature of this site cannot be reproduced here as disclosure would compromise our intellectual property,

Annotated locality map from the early 1960s showing the above ground portion of the facility with the underground level and large tunnel system clearly marked. Identifying features of this site have been removed and features of interest highlighted in red by Australian Bunker & Military Museum personnel.