The awkward truth about Mt Louisa. Part 5

The Mt Louisa bunker first came to our attention in 1994, via the way of several ex-servicemen, who said they had either worked in or knew of it.

Aerial photography from archives was not of great significance. A chance sighting of a photograph at the Townsville Airport was one of the major break throughs we received with Mount Louisa. In these photographs, it was apparent that many portals where visible to the naked eye. It was later found out this photography belonged to Mr Arch Fraily. He was an official US photographer who happened to have a private collection of photographs, from the war era. This photography was later to prove of great assistance in our research of bunkers in the Townsville region. Special thanks must go to Mr Arch Fraily, for his valued assistance.

A second break through came when we were informed, that the Garbutt Air Museum had a collection of photos that dated from the WW2 and around to the 1960’s and 1970’s. This photography also showed portals still being visible on Mount Louisa in 1960. The Dept of Defence for reasons unknown flew this photography. No forth-coming assistance came from the DOD.

It is disappointing, that such a stance would be taken both by the Garbutt RAAF and the Dept of Defence in relation to our activities. The Garbutt Museum and the people of Townsville would benefit greatly from our research and possible finds.

In 1998, NQRS (a predecessor to ABMM) commissioned an English company called Terradat, to come to Australia and bring specialist geophysical equipment, not available in Australia for the purpose of finding the bunkers. Before they came to Australia, we first had to seek permission from the landowner. The landowner being Townsville Earth Moving. A contractual agreement was put in place with this company and a private landowner. Work commenced and after a couple of days, a target was identified on Townsville Earth Moving (Amalgamated Holdings) land, this is where the project came to an abrupt halt. Once we nominated that we had a target, our working relationship was no longer more. Extensive efforts were made to resurrect the deal through their accountant Liam Tansey, who was the caretaker of this company as a result of Bill McLaughlin’s death. After a long period of time with no replies, it was now obvious that the above-mentioned company had no intentions of allowing the bunker entries to be opened.

Currently, the land has been sold and there are now houses on Tableland Terrace that are sitting on top of the doorways. This issue has been raised with Council and the Dept of Defense and both of these departments have taken the ostriches approach to dealing with it. This is alarming as they are deliberately placing peoples lives at risk in order to save money. The bottom dollar is that should something go wrong, and your house caves in, they don’t wish to know about it. Both government bodies, in private talks, feel that the liability will not fall on them. Each side blames the other. Not far from where the survey was conducted, a large fuel pipe and lead cable was leading into the mountain. This had first been found by one of the workers of Townsville Earth Moving on stage 13 of their land release. And to the left of where he hit the fuel pipe and cable he had uncovered the top of a portal which was opposite the generator room, this building was knocked down to make way for the houses. After the fuel pipe and cable was discovered it was recovered back up. This is the tip of iceberg of many blunders you will see unfold from here.

Many desperate attempts from the mayor and the department of defence to draw attention away from the bunkers and have the public focus on me worked. I was the public patsy. The following extracts are from the Townsville Bulletin and are display for academic research purposes.


To give you an idea just how far the mayor was willing to go, I have enclosed copies of stories presented in the bulletin in Townsville. It is a sad day when the media won’t print the truth, just in case it won’t keep selling papers. Or maybe they to have a hidden agenda as well. After all it was this very paper that printed false claims, said to have come from me. Which lead to the mayor coming out with his claims below. At that stage we did not have any proof to back that claim. But we do now and you will be able to view this right here.


The one thing the public did not know was that Mr Mooney and Peter Lindsay refused to meet with any member of our team or any contractor that could back our claims. Ask yourself this, why would he make a claim like that. He mislead you the people of Townsville and in doing so. Has placed many lives at risk and did infact have the facts placed before him and his legal people. Both the Townsville city council and department of defense chose to ignore the facts. In the hope I would go away. The photos and reports you will view from here on will proof beyond any doubt who was telling the truth, and who had a hidden agenda. Then it will be my turn to challenge Mr Mooney to tell the truth. The city council had all the reports and where offered the opportunity to look at. In most cases the photo where simply pushed away. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Ask Mr Mooney why he and Peter Lindsay and Steve price went out of their way to ensure the bunkers were written off as false. What have this three got to hide? Ask yourself that. Further more why would the council have plans drawn up of Mt Louisa, with the project name called “bunker.apr). Done on the 3/11/2000?


One has to ask why in the mist of a media war you would even remotely name a project named that. Just in case the bunker man was to find out, it would not look good. Given that I have photos dated around 1960 from the DOD that clearly show a very large entry that could be seen from Ingham road. And photos done by the Townsville city council taken in 1995, a vent could be clearly seen and was even said to be just that in the report that was commissioned by the department of defense. Mr John Bosker informed me that I was not to show any one or city council the report and I would be charged if I displayed this on this web site. For that reason, only our reply (rebuttal) to the Coffey report can be displayed. You can contact Mr John Bosker from the department of defense and ask for a copy or get him to explain why they don’t want any one to see this report. You can phone Mr John Bosker on 0262664824. But don’t be surprised if it takes up to 10 to 24 months before you get a reply. Seems to follow a pattern, we seem to get this response from Townsville city council and some Mp’s in Townsville.

And so the struggle continues.