The awkward truth about Mt Louisa. Part 3

On the 23 of July 2002, Coffey geosciences Brisbane office was contracted to review our data of underground bunkers by the Department of Defense.
The image below. Coffey’s senior engineer could not see and is some case, even though he lived in Townsville could not find some sites and took it upon himself to name one of our sites as a mountain, which does not exists.
All requests to Mr. XXXXX have been met with no reply.

Some years on, still no answers as to how this could happen. Should you wish to see this most misleading report.
Its reference number is t599/1-g gep:efe 23 July 2002 .
What I ask of you all is to look at the photos and then ask yourself how this could be missed and why Mr. XXXXXX will not answer any question placed before him till this day.
I would like to point out, that a further three independent reviews could not believe that Coffey submitted what they did, nor it would be of such a poor standard.


Above is one of the most compelling photo’s proving the existence of tunnels. Whilst on the large image it isn’t so clear to the untrained eye.
When that image is enlarged as it is below. You can quite clearly see the shadow of an entrance into the mountain.


In the above photo (inside the red circle) dated around 1942/43 shows the concrete structure. The shape of this portal is usually consistent with either light rail or standard gauge railway line. The reason for the shape is to allow trains with carriages to be able to go around corners allowing the carriages to miss the top of the entry while turning. If it was a standard mine entry, the wagons would collide with the top of the entry. This type of entry is standard military operations for engineering still in place today.

The photo was taken from standing on the wing of the plane in the hangar at Garbutt airfield. The building directly in front of the hangar in the Red Cross building.
What is hard to understand is, how and why Coffey geo science was not able to see these features.
One reason could be the fact that they should have used a 3x scope for viewing which is the standard in the industry.
The unit that they used with such low magnification would appear to have been deliberate in an attempt to sway the out of there findings.
Further more by leaving out large sections of privately owned land, makes the report not complete and Coffey did not fulfill its requirement to do a full a proper review of the photos and supporting evidence at hand. Their failure to enter Mr Bob Mc Millian and Robbins Bennet findings only throws further doubt and would demonstrate an amateurish approach by Coffey or there Staff. Take in mind that the Townsville office were only to happy when the person who did our review on behalf of Defense was deemed “bloody useless” by his fellow workers where were over the moon he had been sent to the Macky Office after our concerns where raised.


The image above is the same entry point in 1960. This photo was taken looking from Garbutt back at Mt Louisa.
It is an oblique and once again that would make this a very large feature to miss. Anyone who drove their car along Bayswater road would have seen this. It was also clearly visible from Ingham road.

  1. Blue arrows numbered from 1-2.Blue arrow number one points to what would be the top of the reinforced headboard. No damage has taken place on number 1-2 at this stage of the photo

  2. Pink arrows numbered from 1 to 3. Pink arrow number one points to what would be the right hand side of the outer wing. looks to have been partly demolished. Pink arrow number two shows reinforced concrete and thickness of the walls, which is most likely to be around 4 feet thick.

  3. The red arrow marked as number one shows the entry point to the bunker complex. There is a small mound of earth pushed up into the entry point. Based on the damage to the right hand wing and the earthen mound in front, some one has made an attempt to either hide or destroy this entry point. There is no way that the council or land developers and The Department of Defense would not have known of an entry of this size.

Please excuse the freehand arrows and writing. Unlike the Coffey report you are able to see what really is there. Rather than trying to conceal it using photocopying and free hand drawings that cannot be viewed in order for anyone to work out what is really there. The methods employed by Coffey to cover the facts is done in such a way that the matter should be handed to the police for further investigation.


Above this crane is on the Strand and is the type used inside the bunkers.
Below This is how the Mt Louisa bunker was built. Note the crane.

This is what the former Allied Intel Officer said when shown the above and below photographs’ Louisa bunker was three large cavern type constructions. And was mainly the natural rock and looked just like the above photo and had a light railway line inside it.”
When shown this photo, he said that nearly all the bunkers he had been in were just like the above photo. And the railway line was used to move stores around with ease.”