During our years of research there has had many claims put forward, after considerable research, some have been proven correct and other remain a myth till proved otherwise. What follows is what has been put forward to me over the past 20 years, as well as some current day claims as well. Please do not treat them as fact, but if you can add to the claim in some way. Please feel free to add your comments.

While serving in Townsville during ww2, I was station at castle hill with 11 sqd stores, during this time I had been inside the bunker which was used for stores, this entry was big enough for a five ton truck to drive into. I have since been back to where the entry used to be and it is covered over. I was aware that castle hill had many tunnels running through it, but had only been in the entry down from (POSTITON BEEN REMOVED FOR PUBLIC SAFTEY REASON). The doorway was concrete and had sand bags above it and the doors were made of concrete as well. (Name and address with held)

While training with the S.A.S. outside Charters Towers, I was involved in an accident in which my self and other members of my unit fell down 2-meter wide shafts; at the bottom of the shaft was a large tunnel system. Inside their was ww2 equipment right through out the tunnel. We latter trained over and through the equipment inside this tunnel. (Name and contact with held)

At the end of ww2, I was a dozer operator based in Townsville. I was making large trenches on the out skirts of Townsville at the time, in the trenches we placed large amounts of equipment including bikes, jeeps, trucks and brand new equipment as well. I have heard that the equipment was dug up in the late 1980’s, the area was on the way up Harvey ‘s range, their were igloos on the right hand side that could be seen from the road. (Name and contact with held)

While serving in Townsville during the 1960’s I was stationed at Garbutt. We used to store tires and other equipment inside a tunnel in (NAME OF STREET REMOVED) STREET. During a cyclone we used this bunker as a headquarters. My C.O. told me, that at the back of the tunnel was other tunnels that went elsewhere. It was said you could go down to the show grounds, or go across to Denham Street or come out near the turbruk pool. (name with held)

When I was about 17 years of age I would ride my motor bike over and around Mt Louisa, the hill we called nut cracker had a large concrete door near it and we would rest our bikes on it . From this point we could see if the police were coming and where able to get a head start on them. I did hear of what was said to be a vent don near the sale yards, as a bike rider had crashed into it and broke some bones. (Name with held)

At the end of the war, my unit placed alto of aircraft in a pit burial near strafpine , I have since been back and there is now a football oval where we put the planes. Somewhere in poor condition and others not too bad at all. All had be stripped of motors and other components.

When I was a kid I climbed all over the hills in Townsville, I have been inside castle hill. You could get in via the Bourke street tunnel , I don’t remember if I saw anything in the way of equipment, but I did go into the tunnel, I have read some of the other rumors and can say that the tunnels ares their.(name with held)

During the 1960’s I was stationed at Amberly air force base, I was aware that there is an under ground coms room down about sixty feet under the existing one. I have been inside this bunker. I was told that their were other tunnels that went else where, but I never saw them myself. (name with held)

At the end of the war I was part of the dumping program off Townsville, we pushed new truck, jeeps, planes boxes of watches and camera’s like you would never thought possible. This went on 7 days a week and around ten hours per day. We did have a break when some rough seas came up. The waste was something that would nearly make you cry. (Name with held)

While on a fishing trip, we came across a fenced area in the N.T., on the fence their were signs saying it was a military site and keep out. There were planes under cameo net and all were of ww2 vintage. We were chased away by the mp’s after a short while. Never been able to find where it is since, has any one else seen this or heard of it. I will watch this page to see if some one responds.( retired vet )

Around the 1980’s I got into a tunnel over near the Oaky air base. I got in through the creek and walked past much equipment, I have been back and the entrance is gone, but I noticed some unusually man hole covers in an area where there is no sewerage and only one was bolted down. When I went to open this, the police arrived and I was sent on my way. I seem to recall a story in the post about this bunker, on the other page was a write up about a person who found all the gold bullion around Australia, I think his name was Robinson, does any one recall this same story, I will watch the bill board for a response.

(Retired vet)

Around 1970 to 74 I recall a story about a girl falling down a vent shaft at Mt Louisa and after the rescue took place , the paper had a story about the army going up to blow up the vents to an old disused bunker, does any one else recall this.( retire police officer)

During 1979 I was stationed at Townsville police station, when I heard of some planes being buried out Condon way. While on patrol latter that day. My partner and myself drove out and had a look. Their were was a plane in view in the hole. I will never forgot what I saw. (retired police officer)

When I was a kid, I climbed inside the tunnels at jizzine barracks before they were all closed over. Once inside I had to climb over jeeps and other stuff, there was plenty in there. I was latter told that a girl was raped and killed inside the tunnel and the army then blew up all the entry points, did any one else climb the rock face on the ocean side and get inside or can you confirm the story about the body being found inside the tunnel/ bunker. (Interested, great web site)

I new a street kid who told me that he had go into the castle hill bunker through the drains under the town, he did bring out a stick of tnt to prove his point, I have never been inside myself, but did see the street kid disappear down the drain and some hours latter came back with some explosives. (Would like to hear more)

During the VP 50 CELEBRATIONS I meet a digger who told me that there is extensive tunnel that run under Townsville and Sydney as he had been inside them during the war. All are said to have road and rail going through them. He told me that the railway line went right through the town; it was about ¾ track and had either little diesel or electric trains that took the equipment where it was needed. He also said that the big brass had their own under ground hospital over near the Ross River somewhere. He had taken some typewriters to it and that’s how he was aware it was there. (Name with held)

I was a dozer driver during ww2, we buried large amount of bombs near Mt speck I think it was called , If my memory serves me right , the trench could be up to a mile long and all the bombs were placed in their, as far as I know. They would still be their, good luck to the person who digs them up (concerned digger)

I was told of a large ammo dump/storage area near Nunda I think it is called, I digger told me that their was very large under ground igloos full of bombs. At the end of the war, they shut the doors and bull dozed dirt over the doors. They are most likely still there. Does any one have any further information on this site or the unit that served there? (Researcher)

I was told many years ago by an ex-serviceman that he saw a breeding pair of pumas that were mascots for an American unit let go in the Grampians mountains, as the C.O could not bear the thought of putting them down as he was ordered to do so, I also have spoken with another person who claimed to have seen the same thing as she was a sectary at the camp at the time it happen. Does any one else have any further info or have heard the same else where (researcher)

I was told by a federal policemen many years ago that their was four atom bombs made, two were dropped, one blew up on the ship called the Pensacola, I am not sure if that is how it is spelled, that makes three. What happened to the fourth bomb? I was told that it is inside a bunker some where on Australian soil, does any one know of this or can elaborate further on it. I will watch this board for a reply. (Holy smoke)

My farther told me that he had heard of an Jap airfield that was up north some where, the government was looking for it both during the war and after it right up to the 1960’s. He did say they did try to keep it quite. I was told by another source that it was real and had been found and the army destroyed it. Did the Japs land on our soil or not. I have heard many reports to say that they did. I read a book by Robert piper; in this book it claims they did, so maybe my farther was right. Has any one else heard this too? (You might want to check our photos; we have pictures of the airfield and camps. This may or may not confirm your question from NQRS.) (Name with held)

I have been told that there is a bunker system over at Kelvin grove area, no hard prove yet. (just curious)

I have been in the tunnel overseas and could very well believe that the same thing could have happened here, after all we have had mines here well before the war came along, truth be told, some of the bunkers were old mines made bigger. I have had so many stories told to me over time, even if you took 1 % of it as truth, it gives you a better chance than wining gold lotto. I am at a loss as to why it is so hard to believe that they built the same thing here. Every one knows that the yanks could move mountains over night if they choose during the war. I heard of a true fact that the yanks were laying a mile of bitumen a day and with phone lines as well. I have heard many amazing facts as to what the yanks could do in a very short space of time. Any history buff could tell a million true and factual accounts of what can be achieved when men lives don’t count and your country depends on you. It is true, they were all brave men and some gave their lives in order for us to be free. We must not forget that. (Lets see the truth, keep going guys.