Written By
 Sapper M.A. HALDON VX. 79708

Now that the clouds of war are rolling by,
with the promise of things to come man’s hopes run high.
Oh, world, will you crush that promise in the years ahead,
or honour the splendid vision of the valiant dead?
There are men beneath the sand dunes; others too,
buried in fetid jungles by pathways new,
and many a gallant life has been lost at sea –
all this and more to-morrow’s world go free.
They died in the cause of freedom; fought a war,
more vicious than their fathers did before.
Oh world, will you honour that valour, the lives they spent.
In endless generations of brotherhood and content?
Oh world, will you honour the dead?
May their anguish, pain,
and eternal sacrifice of youth be not in vain,
you who are left – the world – Rise up and claim,
the heritage fought in blood or die in shame.

The poem above was written by an Australian soldier while serving at Tarakan.

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