FSHQ Bankstown

In 2006, The ABMM along with Ocean Wilderness Group went to Bankstown to investigate claims of a bunker under which housing had been built. This gave the team a chance to test a new under ground radar system for the first time.
What was found, leaves no doubts of the existance of the bunker.

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During WW2, the site was used as Fighter Sector Headquaters 1. Rumors had been circulating for years, that after the war, the sturctures above ground structures were demolished and the underground areas covered over so that housing could be bulit over the top. The D.O.D. claimed (and still do to this day) that there was no under ground facility. This is the  standard answer given when questioned about other under ground structures.


Since 1993, reports have been published reporting the existence of this structure and proposals have been put forward to use the remains of the structure for community purposes. But to date, nothing has been done.


The effect of doing nothing has resulted in the decomposition of the structure & its foundations. This has lead to the houses above sinking & moving. If nothing is done, the eventual result will be that the houses on the surface will fall into the hole created by the underground structures collapse.


Today, the D.O.D. continues to deny everything & bury its head in the sand. While the Bankstown City Council is still left with unanswered questions and the problem of what to do about it.

Whilst this is an issue which must be addressed. The bigger issue is that there are other structures, some built identically to the Bankstown structure still in existence around the country today.
Some of these have already been built over, while others have development plans for the future.

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