Dear visitors,

We are a self-funded, non-profit organization, dedicated to recording Bunkers throughout Australia. Over time the costs of maintaining this website have risen substantially (in fact they are probably larger than those of many companies who exist for profit). In the past we have borne all the costs associated with maintaining the website but we are now having difficulties in paying the monthly expenses.

If the Australian Bunker and Military Museum is useful to you, please make a donation to keep this historical and educational resource available, one dollar from anyone who can afford it. Your help would be greatly appreciated. We are seeking as many diggers as we can. From all wars up to now.So we can save history. It is being lost or wiped away because it does not want the public to know the truth.

If you have an email address contacts, please consider what we are going to do. It took 33 years to get to open one ready to be open. We encourage veterans to work with us. We can train you on how to find bunkers and what files to look for. Teach you how to do aerial interpretation and tag a long when we go into places around Queensland. We are doing the white feather Appeal. You can donate 50 cent or a dollar on our fund. We are in need of my researcher to get to files all round Australia. If you find plans for underground bunkers. You will get the credit for the find. All of the above could lead to being employed doing what you like. Bunker hunting and doing ground truthing. We can train you in all aspect needed to be a bunker buster, any retired or semi retired  servicemen and women  who will get to help us give the wishes of over 30 men and women. Who want to recognized that, they were not  cowards, but could not tell anyone when what they did for fearing defense would continue to wait it out till they all passed away. No we get the white wash crap the government says is history they way they want. Not using the truth. Truth is the first  victim of war. Please pass this around to all that you know. So the mate ship and spirit of the diggers is kept alive.

Would you turn your back on our diggers? or your family members who went to war and never came back, an those that did, had died inside and never the same again, remember our freedom was bought with blood of our forefathers. Lest not forget the debt we owe the diggers from WW2 to current day. Give these diggers a voice. Mate ship between WW2 diggers is what Aussie are known for. So would jump on a hand grenade to save his mates life. Rommel said if he had a army of Australians, the Germans would have won the war.