Daniel Hultgren

Daniel Hultgren is director & founder of Australian bunker & Military Museum Pty Ltd. He was born in Nambour, was an inquisitive child. who always wanted to know the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ of everything. He is a family man with children & grandchildren who has a great respect for his Elders & the returned Servicemen of this country.

He met Group Leader, Les Stanley who was a Returned RAAF Serviceman from 84 sqd based in Townsville during the war, when he joined the Nambour State Emergency Service. They got talking about Bunkers and how Les had helped put provisions in them in readiness for another war. He gave Daniel many sites and information as to where and what could be found in these Bunkers. Sadly, Les passed away before Daniel could get one of the Bunkers open.

Daniel has made it his life’s work to get into the Bunkers and remove any old bombs, ammunition and any other items that could be dangerous if found by inquisitive children exploring old caves, holes, gold mines etc.

Work is currently underway to open a bunker in Queensland and this should occur sometime in 2019.