Our Goals

12 Months

  • Open a Bunker- We have a couple that are nearly ready for oppening. Which ever one can be cleared first will be the one that is opened.
  •  We hope to have this filmed by a TV crew and put to air for public knowledge.

2 Years

  •  ABMM would like to build a big Museum with some of the items that come out of the Bunkers.
  •  We would like to have started donating to Legacy and other Services that help Returned Servicemen & Women.
  •  We would like to have all of the major Bunkers safe and any old bomb,ammunitions and weakened props either removed or rebuilt.

10 Years

  • ABMM would like to be fully self sufficient; employing returned Servicemen & women in part-time & full-time positions.
  •  ABMM would like to have some bunkers open to be used as tourist attractions with Gold Coin Entrance fees going to Legacy and other Services.
  • ABMM would like to help set up small Clinics that help Returned Servicemen & Women get over War related illness’s like PTSD.